Technical Analysis and Trading from the Trenches

Sentiment Indicators at Extremes

“Let the trend be your friend” is an often quoted maxim in the trading and investing world, and it would be an unwise market participant indeed who chose to stand in the way of the blistering uptrend we have witnessed in the US stock market of late.  However, whilst making hay … Continue reading

Global Markets Technical Outlook Video – April 2014

Here’s the latest video covering the technical outlook for major global stock markets, currencies and commodities. Click to watch video in full Note: Video may take a few seconds to load. To view in Full Screen format, click the small square control at the far right of the timeline after … Continue reading

Is the Stock Market Running Out of Steam?

The evidence is starting to mount that we may be close to an intermediate top in the stock market, with a number of causes for concern materialising regarding the overall health of the current advance. I’d like to share two charts that I’m currently watching at the moment.  The first … Continue reading

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